Year in Review :: African Reissues of 2016
January 3, 2017

Some of 2016’s most memorable African archival offerings as filtered through the lens of Zamrock.Org.

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Smoke & Thunder :: A Zamrock Mixtape Vol. 1
April 20, 2016


Salt & Thunder :: The Mind-Altering Rock of 1970’s Zambia
December 5, 2015

Bassist Norman Muntemba of SALTY DOG in 1976

For those who don’t know Africa much, we were not living in isolation here. The hippie time, the flowers, love and everything, Woodstock, we were part of that culture too. This was a country that had just gained independence and there was much more optimism in the air” – Rikki Ililonga

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Year in Review :: African Reissues of 2015
December 1, 2015

‘​Tis the season of the year-in-review list. Not a best-of and by no means an exhaustive selection of the year’s offerings, Zamrock.Org simply shines the light on a handful of noteworthy African archival releases spanning the years 1954 to 1985. Our list features compilations, anthologies and reissues from a swathe of African artists working at home and abroad. Read more…

Lusaka Music Parlour
November 24, 2015

Peep the vibes at Zambia Music Parlour’s Lusaka HQ on Nkwazi Road (just off Cairo) in 1990. ZMPL had outlets in Lusaka, Ndola and Kitwe back in the day. The Lusaka store was closed in 1995 and moved to the Motaxis building briefly for its swan song. This nugget of Zambian popular music history courtesy of Matsuli Music.

Photo © Matt Temple

Ngozi Family :: “Nizakupanga Ngozi” Lyrics
October 27, 2015

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This is “Zamrock!!” > Crossbones
October 16, 2015

While carving a place for women in the music industry, Violet Kafula hit the mark with one of her contributions to the Crossbones band’s sole release and proved that Zambia had an appetite for local pop. “I came up with ‘Mwebalume Bandi’ and in two weeks, it sold about 14 000 copies. Up to now, it’s still a hit. That’s what made me the first female artist in Zambia because there were no female musicians on the scene.”

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This is “Zamrock!!” > Blackfoot
March 15, 2015

Issued by Zambia Music Parlour in 1976, Blackfoot’s Millie (ZMPL19) joined a prestigious catalogue that included releases by Tinkles, Emmanuel Mulemena, WITCH, Peace, Amanaz, Rikki Ililonga, Born Free, 5 Revolutions and Ngozi Family. In the two years since its debut, Edward Khuzwayo’s Zambia Music Parlour had established itself as a principal exponent of the burgeoning Zambian recording industry. The Foot Steps (ZMPL28) followed in 1978, securing Blackfoot’s place in Zambian rock history.

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CCTV Faces of Africa :: Zamrock Survivors
February 23, 2015

On the heels of the Zamrock short we sprung in March 2013, a complimentary featurette on Jagari Chanda and Rikki Ililonga by Zambian filmmaker Kabinda Lemba appeared on CCTV’s Faces of Africa series in July 2013. Stream the full documentary here with notes written for Zamrock.Org by the director below. Read more…

Year in Review :: African Reissues of 2014
December 1, 2014

Herewith, a Pan-Africanist soupçon of some of this year’s many fine reissues. Maximum respect to the artists, producers, archivists, enthusiasts and labels who sweetened the sound of 2014.

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Zamrock Covered :: Stream of Sorrow > The Pharmacy > Asimov > Acid Baby Jesus > Golden Bats > The Skeptics
September 15, 2014

Zamrock knows no borders! Lend your waxy listening holes to this selection of blistering Zambian rock covers by 21st Century bands from across the globe. Compare and contrast multinational mutations of Zamrock’s biggest export, Chrissy Zebby Tembo’s “Trouble Maker.”

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Zam Rock Live :: Banlieues Bleues
February 27, 2014

A series of videos of Zambian super-group Zam Rock featuring Jagari Chanda (WITCH) and Rikki Ililonga (Musi-O-Tunya) with the backing of Germany’s Karl Hector & The Malcouns. These performances were shot at Banlieues Bleues 2013 and the videos were created by Celidja Pornon.

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Year in Review :: African Reissues of 2013
December 23, 2013

Every year, “forgotten” music is restored to our collective memory, thankfully returning to its rightful place in the world’s ear-holes. Without forgetting our responsibility to nurture the music of our own time, we look to the past for inspiration and salute the good people who blazed trails before us.

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WITCH in the 1980s :: The Afro-Synth Albums
December 19, 2013

After five long-players that mapped a groovy slew of Afro-rock innovation and secured the band’s reputation among the quintessential exponents of 1970s Zamrock, the WITCH, erm, “moved on.” Read more…


This is “Zamrock!!” :: World Première
August 22, 2013

The short documentary This is “Zamrock!!” touches on themes of age and creativity, heritage and modernity as well as Africa’s little-known contribution to global rock. It premières in the Zambian capital on Monday 2 September 2013 at Manda Hill Mall as part of the Lusaka International Film and Music Festival.

Jagari Chanda Live :: October Night
July 8, 2013

“Because of music, I’m now in jail,” recounts Jagari Chanda in song in San Francisco, site of the notorious prison-island Alcatraz and home of the Haight, birthplace of the Summer of Love. This is June 2013 and it’s the WITCH vocalist’s first public performance in the United States.

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Isso é “Zamrock!!” > Jagari & Rikki (Legendado em Português)
March 7, 2013

Embarque numa jornada psicodélica pelo Sul da África com os veteranos do rock Jagari Chanda e Rikki Ililonga enquanto se preparam para uma turnê pela França para apresentar para uma plateia internacional pela primeira vez o musical inovativo Afro-Global que eles criaram nos anos 1970. Read more…

Film Release :: This is “Zamrock!!”

With growing interest in the recorded output of 1970s Zambia, Jagari Chanda (WITCH) and Rikki Illilonga (Musi-O-Tunya) have seen their work reissued in recent times. December 2012, however, was a threshold month as the veteran Zamrockers teamed up with Germany’s Karl Hector & The Malcouns to perform at the Trans Musicales Festival in France. Read more…

This is “Zamrock!!” > Jagari & Rikki
March 6, 2013

Take a trip to psychedelic Southern Africa with veteran rockers Jagari Chanda and Rikki Ililonga as they prepare for a journey to France to perform the innovative Afro-Global musical brew they created in the 1970s to an international audience for the first time.

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WITCH :: “Strange Dream” Lyrics
February 11, 2013

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Zam Rock :: Lusaka Rehearsals
December 1, 2012

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