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Zambia Music Parlour | ZMPL 6 | 1974

Lead Guitar & Vocals: Teddy Makombe
Rhythm Guitar: John “Music” Muma > Bruce Kaunda
Bass: “Stuggy” Joe Kunda > Gideon Mulenga > Saul Manda
Drums: George “Groovy Holy Joe” Kunda > Brower Machuta

Recorded at Malachite Studios (Chingola, Zambia)
Studio Manager: G. Phiri
Musical Director/Producer: Edward Khuzwayo
Recording Director: E.E. Mulemena
Engineer: G.K. Kachusha
Jacket Design: A+S Graphics, Ndola

Ben Phiri (Times of Zambia):

They were first christened the Boy Friends and a couple of years later transformed into a rampaging group whose beat pointed to Zamrock, which rattled the local scene from the onset in the 1970s. It was not an amateur group but a band of youngsters born with zeal to paint the local entertainment arena in Kitwe and the rest of the Copperbelt red. That was how wild they were!

Leonard Koloko (Zambia Music Legends):

Here is a band with strong roots from the famous Chamboli Township, where most of the members were groomed. They were led by Teddy Mokombe on lead vocals and guitar and churned out their debut album Black Power in the mid 70s. It was produced and directed under Zambia Music Parlour and recorded at Malachite Studios in Chingola.

Bootleg Alert:

The tracklisting of the Groovie Records bootleg reissue (GROO011, 2008) differs greatly from the tracklisting of the original release on Zambia Music Parlour shown below. Most significantly, the album closer “Get On The Way” is used as the opening track. The licensor cited as “Angola Studios in Luanda, Africa” is bogus.

A1. Black Power
A2. I Have Got No Money
A3. This Is The Time Now
A4. I Need Mercy
A5. Peaceful Man

B1. Ubwalwa Ne Chamba
B2. I Don't Know
B3. Get On The Way
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Peter Mpande
September 24, 2016 @ 12:14 pm

Teddy Makombe was the true origiator of the “Chamboli Beat”n which then led to the creation of the barnstorming Witch Band, the Copperbelt’s premier bubblegum pop group of the period. The Witch got famous with their pulsating “Witch Mashed Potato” which was a straight rip off of Teddy Makombe’s “I Found It”, the true base of the Chamboli Beat. That is hardly surprising, considering that three (3) of the key band members of The Witch, came from The Boyfriends. Guitarist John “Music” Muma, Bass player Gideon Mwamulenga and Drummer George “Groovy Joe” Kunda, joined the Witch from The Boyfriends. Groovy Joe was replaced by “Brewer” Machuta who obviously named himeslf after Grand Funk Railroad’s Don Brewer, “Giddy King” was replaced by Saul Manda, andThe Boyfriends went from a four-piece, two guitar outfit to a three-piece Peace Band with Teddy Makombe’s guitar lead backed by Saul Manda on bass and Brewer Machuta on drums – John Music Muma’s unique guitar talent was not replaced. It was as a three-piece band that The Peace recorded their one and only album, featured here. Teddy’s younger brother, Collins, helped on the project. Teddy’s main influence, predictably, was the self-acclaimed “Soul Brother Number One” James Brown; ” I Found Out” was based on James Brown’s “I Got A Feeling”n which Teddy Makombe could play to perfection without the horns and other instruments. Groovy Joe went on to join The Black Souls, where he was subsequently replaced by Boyd Sinkala who was the founding drummer of The Black Soul who, remarkably, were based in Buchi Township and sponsored by Kitwe businessman Dennis Katilungu. Remarkably, nearly all the band members of The Boyfriends, The Witch and Black Souls not only came from Chamboli Township, but went to Chamboli Secondary School.


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