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Zambezi | ZTZ 8 | 1976

Lead Vocals: Jackie Mumba | Norman Muntemba
Guitars: Jackie Mumba
Bass: Norman Muntemba
Drums: Hassan Hassan | Alex Mwilwa

Recorded at dB Studios (Lusaka, Zambia)
Engineers: Peter & Nikki
Illustration: Trevor Ford
Design: Norman Muntemba
A Teal Record Company Product

Leornard Koloko (Zambian Music Legends):

The name may not be very appetising but this was one of the most enterprising bands of their time. They specialised in classic rock and released one self-titled album under Teal. Norman Muntemba, who was a member of the outfit, also designed the cover depicting a a cartoon dog salivating and licking its lips. The three-man band was formed at Zambia National Service Camp in Kabwe and featured Jackie Mumba on lead guitar.

Strawberry Rain Music:

One of the most obscure albums of the Zamrock period, this self-titled psychedelic long-player from Zambia was recorded privately without any pressure from the record label. Modelled after the Jimi Hendrix Experience, with a name that is slang for “sperm,” the three-piece band recorded the album at dB Studios in Lusaka in 1976. Full of killer guitar, English vocals and great songwriting.

Sharp-Flat Records:

Strawberry Rain joins the ranks of Shadoks and Now-Again in coaxing the evasive coelacanths of Zambian rock from the murky depths of the River Lethe. This time it’s the face-melting fuzz of Salty Dog (circa 1976) that breaks the surface of forgetfulness to wreak havoc on unsuspecting tympanic membranes. A trio of army boys from Kabwe put the LP together and bassist-stroke-designer Norman Muntemba slapped artist Trevor Ford’s iconic hairy-eyeball mutt on the cover. Tighten your paisley tie to keep from drooling.

A1. Fast
A2. Mama
A3. See The Storm
A4. Down In My Shoes
A5. Try A Little Harder

B1. Tisauke
B2. Sunshine In My Hair
B3. Have You Got It
B4. Doggy Rock
B5. Lullaby
rock lover
January 13, 2015 @ 6:30 pm

I personally think that the artistry in now zambian music is just dead..though these guys don’t sound amazing in that kind of memorable way…but this music I would listen to now….

March 29, 2017 @ 10:36 am

I am currently listening to Try A Little Harder.


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