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Zambia Music Parlour | ZMPL 51 | 1978

Words & Music by Mike Nyoni
Reissue Album Artwork (Insert): Reprise | WEA (France)

Leonard Koloko (Zambian Music Legends):

Mike Nyoni was renowned for his songwriting skills and arrangements. His Kawalala album was followed up with a second, I Can’t Understand You, which featured hits like “Amida,” a love ballad addressing a beautiful girl to stay away from trouble and protect herself from the vultures of men. The beauty of the song lay in the smooth vocal style that was applied. The chorus had a semi rap vocal style and the guitar work was mesmerizing and well executed. I Can’t Understand You went on to be exported and reissued abroad.

Blog Pérolas do Rock:

“I Can’t Understand You” is divided into 10 short tracks with a lot of groove and influenced by funk and even a little of disco and ballads but without neglecting the Zamrock roots. The instrumentation is simple and straightforward, guitar-driven, at times fuzz, following Nyoni’s good vocals. My favourite tracks are “I Can’t Understand You”, “Highway” and “Africa”. A softer version of Zamrock but still recommended to the fans of the style.

A1. I Can't Understand You
A2. Amida
A3. Highway
A4. The Letter
A5. A Wise Boy

B1. My Choice
B2. No More Love
B3. Africa
B4. Miss Universe
B5. Chikwati Chata
Mahamadou Roufai abdoulassane
December 25, 2015 @ 5:30 am

I’m nigerien (from Niger) and Knew for the first the musician Mike Nyoni in 1979. I was at high school and loved very much all Nyoni’s album. I loved mostly “I can’t understand you baby” and always remember Zambian music. I searched for long time on youtube, Groove and google websites where I can listen again to that sweet voice. I was not really understanding the lyrics because they were not written and my english level was not enough for me to listen and hear clearly the words distilled in those melodies.

July 27, 2016 @ 11:49 pm

Makes me nostalgic about the 80s

November 4, 2016 @ 11:31 pm

Looks like the whole album is on YouTube (for now). Now that I finally was able to buy Black Power on iTunes this will be the new album I dream after.


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